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LabSpeed 5.19.1

  1. Adds manual Export button to Monitor Mode. 
  2. Adds sample overall limit Pass/Fail to Table View.
  3. Adds ALL samples overall limit Pass/Fail to Table View.
  4. Adds sample Export Selection for manual control over exporting Samples in Table View.
  5. Adds ability to exclude fields when exporting to files
  6. Adds Saving of Split Screen layout.
  7. Adds Slide Show.
  8. Adds option to Freeze one or more columns in Table View.
  9. Adds Register dialog to Activating a License.
  10. Adds C# Script support to Research Grid.

LabSpeed 5.18.1

  1. Fixes installation problems on some Windows 10 PC configurations.
  2. Adds several new features to the Report Designer. 

LabSpeed 5.18

  1. Adds Ribbon Menu.
  2. Adds Column filter and Column position to Database search that can be saved when the template is saved.
  3. Adds Column position to Research Grid View that can be saved when the template is saved.
  4. Adds Insert row to Export Mapping.
  5. Adds Export (C#) Scripting providing customers with unprecedented control over exporting to external source
  6. Adds XML Export Provider
  7. Portal download and support Subscription automation  

LabSpeed 5.17

  1. Adds an all new Downloads and Support Portal link so customers can easily manage their support subscription and download all the latest versions of LabSpeed, instrument Add-ins and Feature options.
  2. Adds support for two new Table View options - Auto-fit Column Width and Column Sorting.
  3. Adds support for landscape printing option in Tables and Grids.
  4. Adds VOID samples support
  5. Fixes a license issue for the German OS

LabSpeed 5.16

  1. Adds support for the ValueType table style when all data is derived from a single dataset table.  Previously this table style was available only for Cross-Tab tables.
  2. Add internal support for displaying custom point identification fields in SPC charts

LabSpeed 5.15

  1. Adds a new Monitor mode (MonitorRT) that appends results in a circular queue for runtime charting.  This mode is ideal for watching trends in real-time.
  2. Improved and simplified the manual licensing process.
  3. Added license registration for free 1-year Maintenance and Support subscription

LabSpeed 5.14

  1. Adds a new FLAT Cross Tab Chart mode, which allows grouping when all values are derived from the same table – X-Axis, Y-Axis label and Y-Axis data. This mode is determined automatically if a STRING label item is dragged to the Y-Axis location.
  2. Adds Table Summaries, which provide statistics on each column value across all samples, such as Count, Maximum, Minimum, Average, and Standard Deviation. The summaries may be color-coded depending on user-defined logic, such as -- highlight in Red if there are more than 6 samples whose average is greater than 3.5 (example) 
  3. Adds optional Table Row Filtering. When turned on, the user may filter out rows based on the value in any column, including filtering with wildcards. Filtered rows are not included in exporting, printing, or in summary calculations. 
  4. Adds ability to edit data in a formula column (original instrument data is never modified). The user can use this feature to add comments or other values that can then be then be exported or used in a report.
  5. Adds a new GetValue formula command that can be used to retrieve a specific column value from a row of data. An example usage would be to retrieve the result for element “Mn”, which can then be used in a more complicated formula.
  6. Adds option to display the last active view of a monitor session when that monitor receives new data. This is especially useful when multiple monitor sessions are running simultaneously.
  7. Made improvements to Standards SPC (Optional Feature Add-in)
  8. Made improvements to User Permissions (Optional Feature Add-in)

LabSpeed 5.12

  1. Adds support for the new Feature Database Manager - a Feature Add-in that adds security options to LabSpeed, such as Users, User Groups and User Permissions. In conjunction with Topos' SQL Server Database and auto-data transfer Services, provides 21-CFR Part 11 compliance, including journaling, signing and authoring samples.
  2. Adds a new Table Column/Row Formula option for performing calculations using the contents of individual Table cells.

LabSpeed 5.11

  1. Adds license management options such as transferring a LabSpeed license from one PC to another.
  2. Adds internal support for OEM branding.

LabSpeed 5.10

  1. Adds support for dynamically added menus and toolbars, which allows Add-Ins to place UI controls in the LabSpeed main screen.

LabSpeed 5.9

  1. Adds internal support for a new advanced, real-time standard SPC package for SPECTRO Spark in order to ensure quality in all metals manufacturing processes.
  2. Standards SPC is a new LabSpeed Feature Add-in that provides automated statistical process control for control standards. Upper and Lower Control limits may be automatically calculated for each instrument control standard. Standards are monitored in read-time and results evaluated against pre-set rules, and pass/fail status automatically displayed. Results may be analyzed using X-Bar and X-Bar/MR control charts. Samples and elements may be excluded and tagged with notes. Historical evaluations may be retrieved for later analysis. The Standards SPC feature add-in requires activation using a separate license.

LabSpeed 5.8 - Vista and Windows7 32/64-bit OS compatible - Major Upgrade

  1. Utilizes .NET 2.0/3.5 Framework; .NET is no longer installed as part of installation, which makes the LabSpeed installer application smaller and quicker to download. In the rare event that the .NET framework is not installed on the PC where LabSpeed will be installed, the user is guided to our website for downloading the .NET installer with instructions.
  2. LabSpeed 5.8 includes a new and more sophisticated licensing mechanism, which allows easier de-activation and moving of licenses to a different PC.
  3. Upgrades to LabSpeed 5.8 from a previous version will require a new license at the LabSpeed Upgrade cost, which may be obtained from Topos Technologies using the original license ID.

LabSpeed 5.7 (Maintenance release)

  1. Includes a  list of local SQL servers when choosing a SQL Server from a list of network servers.
  2. Corrected a Chart problem that could arise in unusual circumstances, such as when using the same value for both X and Y axes.

LabSpeed 5.6

  1. Support for electronic scales in Special Views
  2. Auto-start multiple Monitor Sessions
  3. Electronic scales, including the Ohaus Adventure Pro Balance tm with RS-232 communications is now supported for use in LabSpeed Special interactive Views in order to import the sample weight and weight units into the solution. Although previous versions of LabSpeed could auto-start a Monitor Session, version 5.6 allows multiple Monitor Sessions to automatically start when LabSpeed is run. 

LabSpeed 5.5

  1. Support for File monitor mode
  2. Subset Elements / Element Order support for Add-Ins
  3. 'Close All Sessions' menu item
  4. 'Save Session Template As…'
  5. File Monitor Mode extends LabSpeed's ability to monitor not just database changes, but also individual data files exported or saved by the instrument software, and to perform auto-print and auto-export and real-time data verification actions. LabSpeed 5.5 also provides Add-in support to allow the user to choose a subset of elements and to report / export them in a specific order. 

 LabSpeed 5.4 (Maintenance release)

1. Improved Client Manager and management of incompatible-installed Add-ins
2. Improved View Error management
3. Improved File connection setup to a directory instead of a file

LabSpeed 5.3

1. Support for the new MatWeb 5000+ Alloy Database plug in extension
2. Support for external Export Providers, including a new provider for exporting to a SQL Server database
3. Enhanced Network Repository support for sharing LabSpeed templates and files
The MatWeb database contains the compositions of 5000+ alloys and is is closely integrated with the LabSpeed Grade Library. The MatWeb database is easily searched using wildcards and up to 300 grades may be transferred directly to the grade library. Both the grade library and the MatWeb database may be used to determine grade matches using unknown instrument results. If the PC has internet access, all physical properties for selected alloys may be viewed.

LabSpeed 5.2

  1. Support for VISTA™, including the newer 64-bit Operating Systems
  2. Support for Plug-in Auxiliary Features
  3. Grade Library and Alloy Identification support
  4. Ability to auto-export reports to PDF and other formats
  5. Automatic filename generation for Exports. This ensures unique filenames by incrementing a count or adding a Date/Time to the filename
  6. Ability to reorder Table columns by drag & drop

The Plug-in Auxiliary Features is an architecture change that can extend the capability of LabSpeed by installing new features the same way Add-Ins are used to provide support for a new instrument database or data file type.

The first new extension feature to LabSpeed is Alloy Grade Identification support. This includes a full Grade Library editor with Alloy Search, an interactive and an automatic Alloy Identification window for finding best matching grades for selected samples, and ability to use specific grades in the Grade Library for limit checking. The highest quality matches may be added to the sample information so they can be reported and/or exported with the sample.

LabSpeed 5.1

  1. Refresh the Session data with a single click using the new Refresh toolbar button. Refresh data by specifying a time queue or retrieve newest data since last refresh action.
  2. Run LabSpeed with normal "User" security rights. 

LabSpeed 5.0

  1. Build your own element-mapped data look-up tables.
  2. Perform Limit Checks, Quality Checks and Print Limit Checks with data color-coding, flagged output and pass/fail status reports
  3. Reference check tables in Research Grids, Tables and Charts
  4. Perform Limit Checking on any numeric data field, such as average result, RSD or BEC
  5. Create custom look-up tables to provide variable data to your column formulas, such as sample weight, dilution factors or species factors.
  6. Report on the pass/fail status and corrected result 


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