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What Makes LabSpeed Different?

LabSpeed doesn't import data like other data analysis programs.  Instead, LabSpeed uses Instrument Add-Ins that connect directly to the instrument data source (database or file).  The Add-In defines everything that is needed to query the database -- the connection, the tables, fields and structure, even the important fields the analyst needs to locate and browse for data.  A LabSpeed user needs to know nothing at all about the data source, which saves considerable time and allows routine access to the most important part of any analysis -- the results!

LabSpeed keeps the database contents secure -- it never writes to the database.  The Lab Manager can configure LabSpeed  to require a secure log-in every time or to configure LabSpeed to automatically log-in "behind the scene" so an operator can access and report on data without knowing the private database login password.

Who Will Use LabSpeed?

  • Lab Managers
  • Analysts
  • Lab Technicians
  • Instrument Operators
  • Chemists
  • Others

How Will LabSpeed Be Used?

  • Browse and review current or historical data
  • Create custom export formats for transfering data to LIMS or other third party applications
  • Create custom reports, charts, drilldown grids and data tables
  • Perform research and data mining
  • Monitor an automated process in real time
  • Auto-export and auto-print to multiple destinations within the organization
  • Control a process using SPC charts
  • Perform limit and quality checks; generate pass/fail reports
  • Analyze data trends and relationships
  • Apply custom calculations using instrument data
  • Automate data transformations
  • Build a custom solution for a particular client or requirement
  • Perform diagnostics and instrument testing
  • Share data and views with colleagues
  • Present results at meetings
  • Comply with 21-CFR Part 11 FDA government guidelines

What Are The Benefits?

  • Simplifies everyday operations
  • Builds more intelligence within given production and testing processes
  • Eliminates manual data collection and transcription errors
  • Automates repetitive procedures
  • Increases staff productivity

What Is The Value?

LabSpeed includes capability normally found only in separate software packages such as Crystal Reports®, SigmaPlot®, InfinityQS® and Excel™.  LabSpeed includes all standard visual analytic designers in one common research and reporting environment.

  • Report Designer
  • Chart Designer
  • Statistical Chart Designer (SPC)
  • Data Table Designer
  • Drilldown Grid Designer
  • Limit Check and Value Look-up Table Designer



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