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LabSpeed brings data from multiple instruments into one work environment through a proprietary instrument add-in architecture. This architecture allows for customizable add-ins to handle data generated by any laboratory instrument and also to provide expanded capabilities or "specials".  Because of this flexible architecture, LabSpeed becomes a common data analysis platform for all instruments in the laboratory, regardless of instrument type or complexity.

Through Instrument Add-Ins, LabSpeed allows the user to access, browse and interact with the instrument data directly in its native form, greatly simplifying everyday operations.  Charts can be drawn, reports can be created, limit checking can be applied, a process can be monitored and research can be performed, all without knowledge of data format or database scripts.  pH Meter output can be displayed in the same environment as a multiple-element analysis from a plasma emission spectrometer.

An Instrument Add-In can acquire instrument data stored in almost any form, from text files to sophisticated relational databases.

Database Support

  • Microsoft SQL® Server 97, 2000, 2005, 2008, Express 
  • Microsoft Access®
  • Oracle®
  • DBase® II, III, IV
  • MySQL
  • and Others...


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