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Star Navigator™ LabSpeed Mobile Add-in

Specifically engineered for Thermo Electron /Waters Analysis Star Navigator pH, ISE, Orp, Conductivity and Dissolved Oxygen Meters


  • Customized Browser.  Select samples filtered by acquisition date-time, measurement type, meter s/n, user name, folder name.  Manual selection override.
  • Optionally include the Method and Calibrations for each sample.
  • Includes two new sample Report Templates that can be tailored with your company's logo and header information. All reports updated.
  • Includes a new Method Report with cross-reference to sample
  • Includes new Calibration overlay plots for pH, ISE, Conductivity and DO.
  • Includes new ph and ISE response charts
  • Includes two new standard Session Templates containing default charts and reports for immediate productivity.  Add your own reports and charts to this base solution using LabSpeed's report and chart designers.
  • This Add-In plus LabSpeed Mobile serves as an advanced upgrade to the standard "Research" application (LabSpeed Navigator).  Seemlessly integrates with the Star Navigator Meter software to replace the current "Research" application.




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