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ThermoSPEC/DOS LabSpeed Standard Add-in

Specifically engineered for Thermo Jarrell-Ash ThermoSpec/DOS™ dBase II Analytical Database. Note that because LabSpeed must be installed on a Win 2000/XP PC, it must access the database through a local network.

This Add-In provides support for the following ThermoSpec/DOS instruments

  1. ICAP 61 / 61E (ICP)
  2. AtomScan 16/25 (Seq ICP)
  3. PolyScan 61E (sim-seq ICP)
  4. AtomComp 750/800/1100/7000/8000 (DC-Arc)
  5. AtomComp 81/181/975 (Spark)
  • Customized Samples Browser.  Filter by acquisition date-time, sample type, method, username, output mode.  Manual selection override.
  • Optionally include the Repeats for each sample.
  • Includes several Report Templates that can be tailored with your company's logo and header information.
  • Includes support for SPC (Statistical Process Control)
  • Includes support for adding custom data fields and custom calculations
  • Includes several standard Session Templates containing default charts, tables and reports for immediate productivity.  Add your own reports and charts to this base solution using LabSpeed's report and chart designers.



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