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If you do not see your instrument on our Add-In list, please contact us.  We'll be happy to work with you to create an Add-In quickly for any instrument in your lab.

Bruker AXS - Elemental
   Q8 Coronado (Spark)
   Q8 Magellan (Spark)
   Q6 Columbus (Spark)
   Q4 Tasman (Spark)
   G8 Galileo (ON/H)
   G4 Icarus (CS)
   G4 Phoenix (DH)
   S1 TURBOSD (Handheld XRF)
   S1 SORTER (Handheld XRF)

Spectro Analytical Instruments
   Arcos (ICP)
   Genesis (ICP)
   SpectroMAXx (Spark)
   SpectroLab (Spark)
   xSORT (Handheld XRF)
    Midex (XRF)
   Xepos (XRF)
   IQ II (XRF)
   iSORT (Handheld Arc)

Thermo Fisher Scientific
   iCAP 6000 Series (ICP)
   IRIS Intrepid (ICP)
   PlasmaLab VG Series (Mass Spec)
   PlasmaLab X Series (Mass Spec)
   Niton Portable XRF (XRF)
   Star Meter Series (pH, ISE, Cond, DO)
   TraceScan (Sequential ICP)
   ARL OneSpark (Spark)
   POEMS (ICP - Mass Spec)
   AtomComp 2000 (DC Arc)
   ICAP 61 / 61E (ICP)
   AtomScan 16 / 25 (Sequential ICP)
   PolyScan 61E (Sim-Seq ICP)
   AtomComp 750/800/1100/7000/8000 (DC-Arc)
   AtomComp 81/181/975 (Spark)

Leeman Labs
   Prodigy (ICP)
   Prism (ICP)

Other Instruments
   VWR International - SympHony Meter Series (pH, ISE, Cond, DO)
   Ion Signature Mass Deconvolution Software (GC/MS)
   Cetac Mercury Analyzer
   MOA II Plus Oil Analyzer

Demos (These Add-Ins are for demonstration purposes and will install demo data)
   Standard Edition Demo (ICP) with Access database
   Metals Demo (Spark OES) with Access database
   File Edition Demo (Hand-held XRF) with exported CSV files


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